Water Activity Sessions

Two hour Water Activity Sessions provide the opportunity for your group to try out a range of water activities.


We can make the following activities available, subject to the weather on the day and the availability of qualified instructors:

For any Water Activity Session we will normally provide up to five activities from the above selection based on instructor availability and the weather.


In a two hour session there is only time for participants to take part in three activities which will be determined by a rota system.  It will not be possible to allow participants to choose activities but all will have a great time. 


For Beaver Scouts, a session should consist of about 1 hour of activity.


For Cub Scouts, a session should consist of about 1 to 2 hours of activity.

For Scouts and Explorer Scouts, a session should consist of about 2 to 3 hours

How much does it cost?


Contact REVA for more information

Each session can accommodate a maximum of 40 participants. 


Available Dates and Session Times


Due to an ever increasing demand for these popular Water Activity Sessions we only have a limited number of 2 hour sessions available for booking.

A 2 hour session will be either from 10 - 12 noon or from 1pm - 3pm and are available for up to 40 participants at a time. We prefer same age group bookings where possible. The Water Activities we offer on these sessions are aimed at Cubs,Scouts and Explorer Scouts. Beaver and Parent activities will be advertised separately.


If you are a Wharfedale Scout Group bookings can be made from 1st January onwards.

Bookings from outside the Wharfedale Scout District can be made from 1st February onwards (spaces permitting).West Yorkshire North Guides have separately arranged 2 full days of water activities which should be booked via the Guide County Office. We would appreciate Guide Leaders contacting their County or District Water Activities Advisor in the first instance regarding water activities. Contact details and booking forms below. 

To Book or for more information, Contact


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